It is important to understand the basic terms and concepts to work efficiently with the documentation and the Norican Digital Stack itself.



The Norican Digital software solution consists of individual products, each offering specific functionality within layers.




Sensor Layer

NoriGate OS

Agent running on edge gateways (NoriGate)

Communication Layer

Norican Digital Monitizer Engine

Central server software for communication and management.

Application Layer

Norican Digital Monitizer

User interface for overall administration and configuration.



One unique Site represents one NoriGate, which is connected to your machine or individual sensors.


A single sensor describes one physical parameters of machine, e.g. Compressibility of mould, temperature of molten metal, etc.

Calculations on sensor:

It is possible to calculate new parameters based on multiple sensors, e.g. Power can be calculated based on Voltage and current sensor available in the machine.


Events are triggered by a change in a state of a sensor. For example, a temperature sensor can be configured to change its state to Critical above a certain threshold. When it changes the state, it will create an event. Events are used to send SMS and email notifications to concerned users.


Each event state can have a configured numerical severity level. This level is used as the groundwork for notification delivery and for representation in various widgets on the Monitizer


A NoriGate communicates with one or more devices to receive data from attached sensors. Common examples for a device are a PLC of machine, analog/ digital sensors or any other object to which a NoriGate can establish a communication connection. One device can have multiple sensors.

Types of Users

There are different roles in the kind of user that can access the server. These are the possible roles (a user can have more than one role):

  • Admin: The user that administers the Monitizer. She can create/delete users, configure NoriGates connected to machines and create/edit dashboards.
  • Operator: A user that can access the Monitizer to view data but cannot reconfigure anything on it.

Additionally, the following roles are available but do not have access to the server:

  • Gateway: The user/password that the local gateway will use to deliver the data.
  • API: Used to integrate third party software via an external API
  • Notifications: Users that can receive any kind of notifications.


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