Smart Service Plan - never alone

Smart Service Plan

Remote service whenever you need it

Are you in need of immediate help and don't want to wait till the expert shows up on site? Are you unhappy that often half of the service charges are travel costs? 
With our Smart Service Plan you will never be on your own again. It empowers you to draw on the Norican wealth of knowledge – easy, fast and live.

In the event of a malfunction or maintenance, the operator scans the QR code attached to the machine. Automatically, a remote session connects to the manufacturer via smartphone, tablet or data glasses. This video connection enables Norican’s expert to see what the technician sees on site via the display on his desk.

Together they can analyze the machine status. The expert can provide drawings, data sheets, pictures, videos, etc. to the mobile device and mark on the display what the technician should focus his attention on. In this way, the technician on site is guided step by step through the repair or maintenance process with full support by an expert.

A real-time translation functionality allows that persons speaking different languages communicate. 

Smart Service Plan brings service to the next level by expanding the possibilities of remote visual assistance in the event of breakdown or maintenance works

A Smart Service Plan agreement provides:

• a significantly faster and more accurate exchange of information
• an increase of remote repairs
• an increase in availability and productivity
• a reduction in maintenance cost
• the possibility of planned trainings on the machine to qualify new personnel from remote
• a cut of travel costs for service interventions of experts

Step by step to maximum availability

Step by step, the Smart Service Plan solution will be expanded, from assurance of a maximum waiting time and a first fix rate when combined with a Service Level Agreement, up to a 24/7 availability.

Smart Service Plan - Remote service whenever you need it

Watch the video and find out how we reduce service costs and waiting times with the help of augmented reality features and bi-directional video and audio streams.
Norican experts connect to you virtually and get a look at the machine through your eyes from the office.