Monitizer – what Industry 4.0 can do for you


A new platform to access your foundry data

If valuable machine and process data are available on PLCs only locally, performance and trend analysis require manual work, especially when data from different sources need to get combined.

Critical alarms can be missed. And downtimes or deviations don’t get noticed in time. More data can equal more value - but only if that data is clean, accurate and accessible. And not all data is required, but the meaningful data to optimize processes and production yield.

To realize the full potential of Industry 4.0, manufacturers must think critically about how to effectively use their data.

Monitizer is a very affordable solution to unlock new Industry 4.0 possibilities. It lets you explore the power of IIoT to optimize productivity, quality and the resources critical to your business

Do more with your data:

  • Monitizer comprises the secure gateway device NoriGate allied to a browser-based dashboard tool, which collects machine and process parameters and trends data over time.
  • An intuitive User Management ensures full transparency about access rights and rules. Different user groups can build own dashboards to monitor their most meaningful data and gain insights from historical and real-time data.
  • The users can compare machine and performance data between different machines or sites and receive notifications when set limits are under- or overrun.
  • Monitizer automatically combines data coming from different sources.
  • Monitizer is machine or brand agnostic and can be installed on most machinery and process equipment.

NoriGate - your gateway to valuable insights

The success of Industry 4.0 starts with reliable, local data collection using sensor and gateway technology. All new Norican machines are now leaving the factory Industry-4.0-ready, ready to generate the right data in the right way. NoriGate is a powerful gateway to deliver insightful data. Existing machines can be easily upgraded to deliver better quality of data.

Monitizer: aporte valor a sus datos

Monitizer proporciona una plataforma flexible, escalable y centralizada para acceder a los datos de la fundición, lo que crea nuevas posibilidades y perspectivas a partir de datos históricos y en tiempo real. Reproduzca el video para obtener más información.